Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas & New Years

So this year we went to Arizona for Christmas. We got to spend time with my family and i got to see some of my friends, which is nice since i'm so far away from all of them, it's nice when i get to go back and visit. Here are some pictures of our time there!! On New Years We had so much fun spending time with family, we went to my sisters and we had breakfast and played games. As Nate didn't have school for the break we had so much fun spending time with each other and doing stuff we don't usually get to do when he's in school. We went ice skating which was really fun! I love the time i get to spend with him!!! Now that school has stated life has been crazy, but it's totally worth it. I start a new job at Discover at the end of the month, which i'm really excited about. Something different but it'll be fun!! Sam & Aaron's kids moved up here the beginning of the month, it's been fun having them so close. Well thats all for this post, More to come. And i'll get better at writing :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Beginnings

So here it goes, i've made i don't know how many blogs and just haven't been able to keep up with them so i'm going to try REALLY hard to do this one. My bestfriend Chelsi talked me into doing one so i can keep ya'll informed on whats going on in our life, it'll be a good thing so here it goes... A lot has happened this year, from planning for our wedding in may to having the wedding which was AMAZING i must say! So thankful that i have 2 amazing bestfriends, Ashley Justice and Chelsi Ross, as well as all of my family who came all the way to Utah in the freezing cold (Yes it was soooo cold in may and snowing) all the way from Az! I am truly blessed to have you girls as my friends! Love you tons. We went on our honeymoon to Plya Del Carmon..CanCun Mexico, (which i had NO idea where we were going till we got to the airport that next morning) which was absolutely the greatest, i'd never been out of the country before and was so excited when i found out where we were going. Married life is amazing and i couldn't ask for a better person to share my life with, nate is an amazing man and i love him so much. In August my loving grandpa passed away, we were lucky to have him as long as we did, he was suffering from cancer. We will miss him dearly till we see him again. We had a good halloween, went to dinner with friends and then came back and hung out at our apartment. Fun times were had for all!! :) We just got back from AZ where we were able to spend Christmas with my family. It was good to see everyone, and spend time with them too. I'm just working as a dental assistant at an office down the street from our apartment, and nate is working at a hospital close to our house as a CNA, and will be starting Nursing School in Jan, and will graduate in 2 years as an RN we are very excited and proud of him, We will keep you all updated on his progress with school, and everything else that is goin on in our life.  Here are some pictures from our year!!  Hope you enjoy!!!